Radio Imaging Trails

Drug development continues to face challenges to successfully progress the most promising drug candidates through the stages of clinical trials. Given the increasing cost to develop a drug, methods are required to characterize early drug efficacy and safety. Imaging techniques are increasingly used in oncological clinical trials to provide evidence for decision making. With the application of conventional morphological imaging techniques and standardized response criteria based on tumour size measurements, imaging continues to be used to define key study end points. However, functional imaging techniques are likely to play an important role in the evaluation of novel therapeutics, although how these methods are to be optimally applied has yet to be clearly established. The specific challenges of standardising multi-centre imaging in the context of clinical trials are highlighted, including the processes for image acquisition, data analysis and radiological review.
AQLIVIA Informatics is a global leader in helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies employ time- and budget-saving medical imaging in clinical trials.
Our expertise spans a wide-range of therapeutic areas including Oncology, Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Cardiovascular, Women’s Health, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Volumetric. AQLIVIA Informatics’ full range of services comprises all necessary pieces for successful trial imaging implementation including:
Our Medical Imaging experts also provide:
• Protocol and study design consultation
• Site training
• Perceptive MyTrials Medical Imaging technology suite to simplify processes for sites
• Image collection and QC
• Independent Review Charter development and support with SPA submissions
• Centralized independent review and reader management services
• Full data reconciliation and export
• Regulatory filing and submission support
• Image archiving and sharing
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