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Onsite Primary Care

Most of our day is spent at work
Our onsite clinics provide employees a convenient place
for regular check ups, specialist consultations, travel advisory,
vaccinations and other primary care requirements.

Tailored to suit your organization’s needs.

Onsite Primary Care

Occupational Health Centers

Keeping your employees safe is our priority
We provide everything you need to keep your workforce running,
from work-related injury care and emergency evacuations to 24/7
medical personnel onsite.

Documentation support for safety and compliance programs.

Health Check Ups

Onsite or offsite health checks

Annual Health Checks, Drug Test, Pre-employment Screenings
based on your needs. Predictive and evidence based corporate
health scorecards.

Personalized dashboard for employers to book and and track
screening status.

Home Visits

Care you need, when its most needed

We want to be your family’s first choice for healthcare. Physicians
and touch care at the convenience of your home for you
and your loved ones.

Dedicated helpline and app for booking.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

Learn to make food your medicine

We are big believers that lifestyle disease like diabetes and
hypertensions can be managed through the right habits and
nutritional changes.

Going beyond the diet hype to customize a goal outcome based program.

Women and Child

Caring for all stages in a women’s life

Whether its tackling PCOD, starting your journey to motherhood
to deciding what’s best for your child’s development – our experts
are here to help.

Unique First 1000 day Program that cares for mothers from
conception till baby is 2.

Mind matters and Stress

Finding your balance

Stress is the single greatest threat to morale and productivity at work.
Stress assessments that give a true picture of your organization health.

Employee assistance and coaching programs that’s accessible from

Vitality at Work

Vitality at Work

Wellness curated based on your corporate score

Wellness solutions ranging from health talks to activity based wellness
like yoga, zumba and stress busting activities to promote awareness
and boost productivity.

Vitality talks delivered by our panel of specialists.

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