Pharma Resource Solution

Aqlivia Pharma Resourcing Solutions (Aqlivia PRS) has the experience and a clear understanding of the importance of our clients’ resourcing strategies. With the flexibility that this level of service requires, Aqlivia is able to serve a full range of resourcing requirements as per our clients’ needs and expectations.
Aqlivia PRS is supported by a strong and continuous recruitment activity, accompanied by qualified and highly experienced line management personnel as well as strong leadership oversight throughout the process. Thus, PRS can guarantee success and commitment to the project objectives of our clients.
We truly believe people are the real value of a company and we invest in their performance and their professional satisfaction.

Flexible resourcing options include:
As part of a full quality service, Aqlivia PRS provides staff augmentation support short-term and long-term contracts working closely with our clients’ hiring managers. Our team can handle from the beginning the performance management, staff onboarding, priority setting, training, workflow management and productivity (metrics and key performance indicators), mitigating co-employment concerns. We identify improvement areas and inefficiencies while actively collaborating with our clients to achieve better and more efficient results.

Staff Lift Out:
Based on our internal analysis and experience, when clients transfer their resources to Aqlivia PRS, we can lower their fixed cost. Under this option, our clients have reported cost savings up to 25%- 30% compared to an “in house” approach

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